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Your personal Brand is the most important part of Social Media

Small business owners are used to hearing about how important it is to put together a social media marketing plan. After all, social media marketing is a big part of digital marketing success for almost any business.

What many business owners fail to understand is the importance of personal branding when it comes to social media. While it’s true that you probably don’t want to base your business on your personality, the reality is we are all brands in today’s world, and that means that you need to acknowledge the importance of your personal brand, and how it fits into your social media use.

What Is Personal Branding?

You might not think of yourself as a brand, but the truth is you are. Today, everyone is a brand–even if you’re not trying to be. “Regular” workers even have their own brands; as a business owner, you are definitely a brand.

When you engage in personal branding, you make the effort to manage the way you present yourself to others. This happens offline as well as online. Think about the way you interact with your potential customers and the way you want other business owners to view you. Chances are you are already working on your personal brand without realizing that’s what you’re doing.

Social media is one way that you can share more information about your personal brand. By extension, you’ll also be helping your business since you are associated with your business, even if you have built a company that is largely independent. Social media is one of the biggest ways for you to manage your personal brand online.

Advantages of a Strong Personal Brand

Incorporating your personal brand into your social media marketing can be a powerful way to boost your business. While you might not be your business, your company can still benefit from your powerful brand on social media.

Here are 5 advantages that can result from your strong personal brand:

  1. Increased recognition: When you build a strong personal brand, you are easier to find online, and you will be better recognized. Anyone researching you will see your brand–and that brings greater recognition to your company.
  2. Acknowledgement as an expert: You can be acknowledged as an expert in your field when you have a strong personal brand. The insights you share on social media contribute to your overall credibility in your field, and that reflects well on your company.
  3. More opportunities for leadership: These days, company executives and owners who are recognized as leaders garner more attention to their businesses. If you want leadership opportunities and chances to offer your thoughts to others as a thought leader, a strong personal brand that’s built online through social media can help.
  4. Chances for partnerships: Because the Internet makes it possible for almost anyone to be found, you have the chance to build partnerships for you and your business that might not have been practical before. Use social media as part of your personal branding, and you might be surprised at the opportunities available to your company.
  5. Greater value: The value of your company and your value as a brand increases when you have a strong personal brand and make it part of your social media strategy. Your brand will be sought after, and your company considered more valuable, when you strengthen your online presence with the help of social media.

When potential customers, partners, influencers, and others research your company, they will also want to research you. We live in a world where business managers matter. Personal branding through social media is a good way to let others find you and see that the company is in good hands.

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