What We Do


At HSGH, we’re dedicated to helping young people succeed. We open doors for youth with a holistic approach that emphasizes life skills in combination with a mix of technical, vocational and entrepreneurship training. As a result, young people are prepared to enter the workforce, create their own opportunities, and be agents of change in their communities.

Together with our partners, we build effective, sustainable, and scalable initiatives in three thematic areas:

Employment Education: We’re preparing young people for the jobs employers are looking to fill. With a demand-driven approach, our partnerships and initiatives underscore life skills and technical/vocational training as critical components of successful youth workforce development.

Entrepreneurship: Our self-employment initiatives enable young people to build, scale, and lead small and micro-enterprises. Whether it’s our High School Entrepreneurs Club (HSEC) Program, High School Business Challenge (HSBC), High School Entrepreneurs Network (HSEN), we are promoting self-employment as a vital opportunity for youth.

Social Innovation: Work and business do not operate in a vacuum.  The success of a business enterprise is based on how successfully it can connect with the community around it and the people it serves.  Society is complex and requires a special insight and skill to create successful social initiatives.  HSGH nurtures young leaders and the institutes that support these change-makers. Our initiatives strengthens youth-led social ventures around the country.

For more information on what we do, please contact: highschoolgh@gmail.com


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