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HSEN, engages young people as national and global change makers. Young learners/teenagers/the youth is at the heart of everything we do. We cultivate and promote an entrepreneurial spirit amongst high school learners across Ghana through interactive seminars, workshops, conferences and exhibitions.

HSEN, our core objective is to develop the youth to establish and run their own successful businesses as a career path. We develop one-on-one relationships with those learners who are part of the program and we are privileged to be able to share in their growth.  Majority of them have improved self-confidence, and developed hope for the future. We learn as much from them as they learn from us!

The High School Entrepreneurs Network (HSEN) offers the following;

Workshops: Business idea generation workshops which are promoted under the banner, ‘#TeenMOGUL’. Teen Mogul is a series of networking opportunities which;

  1. Shares information about entrepreneurship and enterprise development with high school learners to encourage them to start their own businesses as a career path
  2. Inspires the youth by creating a platform for them to engage with entrepreneurs who have broken ground and are operating successful and sustainable businesses
  3. Links up with parents, teachers and other influencers in order for them to continually encourage the youth round entrepreneurship.

Online Business Tools Shop: Your one-stop business information resource hub for members. All items costs GHS 20 each and will be emailed to you in .pdf format after payment has been received.

High School Business Challenge: A competition where high school teams from schools across the country are invited to compete. Open to all high schools in Ghana, the High School Business Challenge is a catalyst for bringing together teen entrepreneurs, using a competition as a platform and to foster and develop a student/learner entrepreneurship ecosystem.  For more information on the competition, please contact: highschoolgh@gmail.com

Mentorships: The success of most businesses can be attributed to encouragement from colleagues, peers, and mentors; we recognise the important role that mentorship play. We link our up-and-coming young entrepreneurs with mentors who are running established and sustainable businesses, and who can share valuable insights in terms of the management of their businesses.

Membership: The High School Entrepreneurs Network has a three tier membership program, namely;

1. Teen Membership: Become a Teen Entrepreneur. We aim to instill the following values in those young people who are keen to develop their entrepreneurial skills and thinking:

  • Become my own boss and be a forward-thinking leader in Ghana
  • Realise my own ideas and innovations in order to make meaningful impact on the Ghanaian economy
  • Create jobs through my business and create wealth for others.
  • Build and develop a set of values which will guide my business; they will be values of which everyone who interacts with my business can be proud.
  • Massively increase self-confidence and give hope to others.
    Young Entrepreneurship membership Costs GHS 100 per year.

2. Young Entrepreneur Membership: Become a Young Entrepreneur.
We are calling all the young entrepreneurs out there! We need ambassadors who are able to promote the High School Entrepreneurs Network amongst the youth. In turn, you also stand to benefit from the exposure created by an association with us.  As a Young Entrepreneur, you will be able to:

  • Profile your product and services through our quarterly magazine and website
  • Have access to research relating to business opportunities
  • Enjoy a 10% discount on all our products and services, including attendance at conferences, workshops, seminars and exhibitions.
  • Automatically quality to be captured on our Ambassadors’ list.
  • Enjoy discounts on products and services offered by our Corporate Partners.
  • Build your brand by giving exposure to your company logo and your personal profile on our website.

Young Entrepreneurship membership Costs GHS 150 per year.

3. Corporate Membership: As a Corporate Member, you:

  • Have access to, and become a part of, a powerful network of stakeholders in government, partners in the private sector, as well as schools across the country.
  • Have an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to fostering and developing young people in our country to becoming skilled entrepreneurs who are able to manage profitable and sustainable businesses over time.
  • Have an opportunity to play an active and meaning mentorship role in the journeys of teen/young entrepreneurs who are part of the program.

For more information on this membership and to register your organisation, please contact highschoolgh@gmail.com. Fill the registration form to apply for your membership process.

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