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Individuals and businesses can become sponsors of HSGH in several ways, through an entire program or the portion of one. All sponsors can gain the satisfaction of knowing that they are helping to strengthen the future for Ghanaian youth by donating to support the execution and running of a program.

Benefits to our sponsors:

  1. Short and long-term Title ownership. Own the program for the duration of the sponsorship. You may sponsor a particular program or have long term (1-3 years) renewable program sponsorship.
  2. Reach focused teen market through interactive and engaged mediums.
  3. Access parents’ spending power through teens
  4. Create brand loyalty in consumers with all their potential purchasing power ahead of them
  5. Obtain research data, focus group results and surveys that help to effectively reach this market.
  6. Get an inside track on Teens as trendsetters. “On average, eight in ten of today’s urban teens need to feel part of a group, and what the group says goes. Teens want to belong, and brands play a big role in helping them do this.”
  7. Obtain publicity and obtain benefits associated with an organisation that is empowering young people to achieve.

Some of our short-term to long-term available programs for sponsorship

Learn more about our corporate partnership opportunities. Interested in sponsoring any of our programs? Send us an email to highschoolgh@gmail.com to get started.

High School Gh sponsor a program


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