Difference between a Job and a Career


Rejection: how well do you cope?

Rejection is a reality for everybody. It comes in several forms and within certain experiences. More interestingly, it has no respect for age or how good a person you are; hence if you are young or old, well behaved and kind, you are bound to experience rejection. But why do

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STEM -Pupils And Teacher In Science Lesson Studying Robotics

7 Compelling Reasons to Involve Students in STEM

“STEM literacy has a profound and growing impact on our day-to-day lives. It helps us make critical decisions about our health care, our finances and our retirement. It illuminates the ever more complex issues that govern the future of our democracy, and it reveals to us the beauty and power

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Ananse The Teacher

Press Release: Ananse The Teacher App Educational Tour

Basic school education serves as a fundamental formative period in the lives of children. During this stage children explore, play and enjoy experiential learning which builds a foundation for interests in possible careers in future. Drawing on the huge potential digital platforms hold in an ever-evolving technological world, ed-tech platforms,

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