We empower young people to succeed in self-employment because we know the global market can’t keep pace with the vast numbers of young people entering every year.

As these young entrepreneurs start new businesses, we’ve witnessed their power to create new jobs and help shape local economies. Our entrepreneurship initiatives gives young men and women the foundational knowledge, training and resources to start, lead and grow small and micro-enterprises into conglomerates.

Our self-employment initiatives enable young people to build, scale, and lead small and micro-enterprises. Thanks to our holistic approach and our belief that all youth need entrepreneurial skills to successfully navigate in today’s world, many of our initiatives include a strong entrepreneurship component. Whether it’s our High School Entrepreneurs Club (HSEC) Program, High School Business Challenge (HSBC), High School Entrepreneurs Network (HSEN), we are promoting self-employment as a vital opportunity for youth.

Learn more about what we do. For more information, please contact: highschoolgh@gmail.com


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