Career Development


Managing life, learning and work is an ongoing process. Gaining workplace skills and training in implementing these happens over time. We help young people develop the skills and knowledge that enable them to plan and make informed decisions about education, training and career choices.

HGH is committed to develop work-readiness, career exploration and post-graduation plans for youth and teens. We help prepare young students for life after high school.

Jobs Speaker Series:  Brings in professionals from in-demand careers in Ghana to help young people see the great opportunities that await them if they prepare. Students learn about salaries and educational preparation for a wide range of jobs.

Job Shadows and Job Tours:  Arranges in-depth visits to job sites so teens can see first-and what a day might be like at their dream career. They learn from the professionals in the field and see if they could see themselves in that career.

Career Mentoring/Coaching – Mentorwise: Connects young people with human resources and other professionals to mentor and coach them to determine and succeed in their career choice. The mentoring relationship provides an opportunity to talk about goals, work interests and get advice on the areas in which the youth struggle. Mentoring is a great way to build confidence in young people. The ultimate objective is to champion better work and working lives.

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