The Moneywise Program helps prepare young people for the real world by showing them how to create wealth, and effectively manage it, how to create jobs to make their communities more robust and economically resilient and how to apply entrepreneurial and leadership thinking to the workplace.

At HSGH, our core objective is to equip young Ghanaians with skills, tools and resources to become prudent managers of financial resources, successful; entrepreneurs, individuals, and change leaders in the society. Giving students the tools to help them succeed financially, enables us to build a stronger and more economically resilient Ghana.

Through the MONEYWISE program, Ghanaian teens are empowered to own their economic success and independence for their short-term to long-term financial security.  HSGH wants to help close the national unemployment gap in Ghana by improving employability, produce financially literate and independent individuals and encourage entrepreneurship among young people.

Thematic areas of the Moneywise program:

Entrepreneurship:  Our self-employment initiatives enable young people to build, scale, and lead small and micro-enterprises. Whether it’s our High School Entrepreneurs Club (HSEC) Program, High School Business Challenge (HSBC), High School Entrepreneurs Network (HSEN), we are promoting self-employment as a vital opportunity for youth.

Financial Literacy: Through a variety of hand-on activities and technological supplements designed to support differential learning styles, learners understand how to create wealth, manage it and make their wealth work for them.

Career Development:  An ongoing process of managing life, learning and work. We help young people develop the skills and knowledge that enable them plan and make informed decisions about education, training and career choices.

Leadership Skills: “Leadership is like a muscle. The more intelligently you train, the stronger you get”. Through our leadership skills training, we empower young people to develop critical leadership skills and experiences in teamwork and collaboration, managing change, communication, learning agility and judgement in order to accelerate performance as young leaders.

STEM & Digital Skills: We empower young people to understand the digital space, use online resources and tools for research and social sharing, and online advertising. Through this initiative, young people are empowered to build mobile apps, applications and design websites.

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