High School Business Challenge


The High School Business Challenge provides students with real life, hands-on opportunity to create startups. We believe that great ideas can come from anyone. But more often than not, high school students are often disregarded from entrepreneurship and business. We want to change that.

High School Business Challenge promotes and fosters students’ entrepreneurship in Ghana. The goal is to provide a program that teaches the students the skills and tools to conceptualize a business idea and develop it into a pitch in front of investor-like judges.

Students form a company and work through the entrepreneurial process, understanding and accomplishing the requirements necessary to create and pitch their startup. Through multiple rounds of presentation, students are able to revise and improve their pitch, and earn an opportunity to present to a panel of Judges. In addition, winner teams receives prize money ranging from GHS 500 – GHS 1000. As more support and funding is realized, the prize money will increase.

Students will be able to;

  • Gain experience in teamwork and collaboration
  • Understand and gain the experience in creating a startup from ideation to execution
  • Build a team as an entrepreneur, evaluating the groups skill-set and identifying complimentary partners
  • Create a VC Pitch deck: Problem, Solution, Market Analysis, Revenue Model, Go-To Market Strategy, Financials, Competitive Analysis and Final Ask
  • Interface with a network of industry mentors who will provide strategy and business advice
  • Develop and improve their presentation skills through a series of mock pitches
  • Self-advocate as they learn to reach out to mentors, industry experts and business for advice
  • Create a one page executive summary of their Business

Innovation areas;

  • Health, Accessibility
  • Education, Training
  • Energy, Environment
  • Water, Sanitation
  • Employment, Entrepreneurship
  • Agriculture, Processing
  • Mobile, ICTs
  • Housing, Transportation
  • Emergency, Disaster Relief
  • Wild Card

For more information, please contact: highschoolgh@gmail.com. Learn more about our Moneywise Program, Entrepreneurship Program, Financial Literacy, High School Entrepreneurs Club, and more

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