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How to Build Your Personal Brand With Social Media

Your first step is to create social media accounts that are separate from your company’s official brand. You might have a Twitter account labeled @YourCompany, and Facebook and LinkedIn pages for your business. That’s great for company branding and official communications, but you also want to have your own personal accounts.

In your personal profile, include a mention of your business; your profile can describe you as an expert in your field and the founder of YourCompany. This connects you to your business, and as your profile awareness rises, so does the profile of your business.

Next, you need to decide what area of expertise to focus on. Figure out what you want people to see when they search for your name online. They should connect you with the field your business is associated with. Consider the keywords you want associated with your name and your business; these are words that you should include in your social media profiles.

Describe what sets you apart from others in your field. You can get some great ideas by checking out the profiles of others in your field, and then use those profiles to help you identify ways you can differentiate yourself.

Here are a few other tips that can help you as you build your personal brand on social media:

  • Be yourself: Authenticity is important. Let some of your personality show through so that you seem “real.” Your company’s official pages and social media accounts aren’t going to have the same personality you have.


  • Think twice before posting: Just because you want to be authentic doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t think through what you post. The way you act at work is different to how you act while you are at a party. You’re still yourself in both places, but you know that different actions are appropriate. Before you post something on your accounts, think about how it will reflect on you and your company, and whether or not it’s appropriate.


  • Don’t react immediately to others: Because social media often takes place in real time, it’s tempting to react quickly to what someone else posts. There is no need to; wait to respond. You want to build a reputation as a thoughtful person, if that’s how you want to reflect on your brand.


  • Be consistent: Finally, be consistent across your social media channels. You should be the same on Facebook as you are on LinkedIn. Include similar images so that you are instantly recognizable, whether someone is looking for you on Twitter or on Instagram. Consistency also helps you spread a better personal branding message that is more likely to coalesce into an overall image that helps your business.

Personal branding is an important part of your company’s social media marketing campaign. Do what you can to build your brand as an expert and thought leader, and your business will benefit.

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